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"Find serenity amidst floral beauty: Our treatments bloom with natural essence.

Meet Our Team:
Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Nurture your senses with floral therapy: Petal-infused treatments for inner harmony.

Meet Megan!

Megan has been caring for skin for several years and is our Lead Esthetician and Spa Manager. She knows how to identify guests skin needs to maximize their skincare goals. Megan loves to customize facials to help her clients have a relaxing experience while also providing skincare results. 


Megan's Favorites: 

Rhonda Allison: Jojoba Beads

Beauty Bar: Rhonda Allison Peels, Dermaplane Treatments & our Mimosas

Megan loves to spend time with her family outside the salon. She just welcomed her baby girl this year and is loving spending time with her and her boys. 


Meet our skilled esthetician: Masters of rejuvenation and relaxation


Meet MJ!

MJ is newer to the skin scene but has loved the beauty industry for years! She has a natural talent with connecting to her guests and making them feel beautiful! MJ loves to customize her facials to provide a relaxing and de-stressing time for her guests.


MJ's Favorites: 

Rhonda Allison: Cell Renewal Serum

Beauty Bar: Dermaplane

When MJ is not in the spa room, you can find  her hanging out with her two sons, trying new foods, and traveling with her boyfriend! 


Experience bliss with our massage therapist: Healing hands for total tranquility


Meet Sheri!

Sheri is our Massage Therapist for The Beauty Bar at Geist. If you're in need of pampering, Sheri is your girl!  From deep tissue massage, to prenatal massage or just a little relaxation, she has you covered! 

Sheri's Favorites: 

Rhonda Allison: Jojoba Beads

Beauty Bar: Aveda's Brilliant Line

Sheri is such a genuinely kind person and if she's not at the salon, she's probably spending time with her sweet family or running a marathon in another state!  


Green art design: Where nature meets innovation in skin rejuvenation.
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