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Beauty Bar Signature Facial

Our Signature Facial is our most requested facial treatment. This facial is tailored to your skin care needs. The Signature Facial will leave you with radiant skin and a relaxed mind and body. This treatment includes dermaplane, custom enzymes, exclusive serums, personalized masks and home treatment recommendations for your best skin. $99

Turn Back Time Facial 
Plump, firm and smooth aging skin with this ultimate pro-youth treatment. Actively soften fine lines and wrinkles with repairing peptides, acids, and collagen based ingredients. Fruit enzymes, dermaplane, customized treatment mask and serums all work to reverse the signs of time.  $128

Radiant Renewal Facial
Be enlightened with our corrective treatment created to reverse the signs of premature aging and sun damage. Powerful antioxidants and correcting peptides smooth and firm for a brighter complexion. Fade hyperpigmentation, acne scaring and age spots with this experience. $119

Rescue Hydration Facial
Hydrate and protect with this ultra-hydration treatment. Infuse moisture back into depleted, dry skin with dermaplane, customized moisturize-infused treatment masks, serums and creams. $119

Acne Relief Facial
A treatment created to kill bacteria and heal acne with gentle exfoliation, high frequency, and extractions. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients help to soothe and clear problematic skin with the support of enzymes and tailored masks. $99

Botanical Refresh Facial
Immerse yourself into the ultimate head-to-toe relaxation Aveda Experience with this holistic facial. Melt away stress with an aroma therapy journey, calming personalized Aveda treatment, and sleep-inducing massage techniques. Includes herbal cleansing, exfoliating formulas, relaxing hand and foot massage, and an Aveda treatment masque. $79




Back $62+
Bikini Line $43
Bikini Full $49+
Brazilian  $60+
Chin $13
Ear $14
Eyebrow $18+
Face w/o Brow $35
Full Arm $47+

Half Arm $35

Full Women's Bottom $24
Inner Thigh $15
Full Leg $82
Half Leg $42
Lip $10
Nose $14
Shoulder $27
Stomach $10
Under Arm $25



Apple Wine Progressive Peel $130+

Apple Wine Peel is a mild, natural, superficial peeling agent that may be used for many skin conditions, giving skin an extra boost. Providing noticeable benefits for firming and toning as well as antioxidant support, Apple Wine Peel creates cell turnover while softening and hydrating skin as wine components provide skin additional nutrient value.

Vitamin A Peel $135+

Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel is a stronger retinol concentrate, improving smoothness and reducing fine lines and uneven pigmentation. This peel provides clarity and radiance to the skin.  Due to the added peptide action, skin is much more toned and firm.


TCA SakePeel $175+

The powerful blend of Sake and skin-regenerating acids makes this an ideal Mid-depth skin-peeling solution. The Sake Peel reduces fine lines, tightens skin and helps fight free radical damage. This gentle yet effective peel will refine and renew skin for a youthful appearance.

Free Consultation and Patch Test recommended for Peels.




Stand Alone Dermaplane $55

Natural Botox Lifting Treatment $30
rojelly Mask $20
Moisturizing Eye Mask $15

Dermaplane Add On $40

Eyebrow Tinting $25+


Waxing is more effective than shaving because it is not just removing the hair from the skin's surface. Waxing is removing the hair from the root so over time hair will regrow lighter. 


The hair needs to be about 1/4 in long - think a little longer than a grain of rice. Try not to shave 2-3 weeks before your waxing appointment. 


For best results most guests schedule a wax every 4 weeks. 


If you are on steroids, Acutane, other acne medications or topical cremes - you must stop using 5-7 days prior to wax. If not, skin will lift and the wax appointment will be unable to be completed.

Spa Treatments

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